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Fertility Awareness Focus

Hey, Friend!

I am so excited to offer this series of classes for the first time in 2024, and I really hope that you'll join me!

I have been teaching cycle charting since 2019 and am now certified in multiple methods. I have learned so much from my clients over the years. I've learned what it takes to really be successful with charting, what people need to be taught to understand their cervical mucus patterns, what can be done to make temperature charting work in almost any situation, what our charts say about our health, and so so much more!

While I believe that Fertility Awareness Educators are worth their weight in gold and deserve to be paid fairly for their labor, I understand that not everyone can afford the cost of private consultations with an educator. I have considered for a long time how I can help more people work closely with an instructor at an affordable price while still honoring myself, valuing my labor, and what I can provide financially for my family.

This series is the product of years of experience and planning and I'm so excited to welcome you in!

So here's how it works:


Individual classes will open for registration the beginning of every month starting January 1st and starts with my 2 hour Cycle Charting with the Symptothermal Method class. While all sessions are recorded and uploaded in the membership, I encourage you to attend this class live as it is the foundation of the entire membership. 

Every month starting in February we will also have a 1-2 hour class with a specific focus:

  • Mastering Cervical Mucus
  • Setting Intentions
  • Charting with Femtech
  • Back up Methods of Birth Control
  • Charting for Health
  • and more!

And once a month we will have open office hours where you can come to ask questions and get individual feedback on your charts.

By offering this membership in a group setting I am able to keep prices lower and you get a high-level fertility awareness education with a certified instructor. 

Stand Alone Classes

You can purchase access to the class of the month for a one-time fee and get a free 14-day trial of the membership.


January 21st 2-4pm EST: Chart Your Cycle with the Symptothermal Method

February 4th 2-3pm EST: Open Office Hours

February 18th 2-4pm EST: Aligning Intentions: Reproductive Intentions and Chart Interpretation

March 3rd 2-3pm EST: Open Office Hours

March 24th 2-4pm EST: Fertility Awareness & Back-up Methods: Options and Decision Making

April 7th 2-3pm EST: Open Office Hours

April 21st 2-4pm EST: Chart Your Cycle with the Symptothermal Method

May 5th 2-3pm EST: Open Office Hours

May 19th 2-4pm EST: Mastering Cervical Mucus

June 2nd 2-3pm EST: Open Office Hours

June 23rd 2-4pm EST: Charting with Femtech

*Note: All dates, class topics and class lengths are subject to change. Weekday options for Open Office Hours will likely be scheduled as well.


"Becky explains charting clearly and systematically and is well prepared with supplemental resources. The RYB app is much less intimidating now that I've taken her class." - Sharon

"Finally, I feel like charting and interpreting my CF has been demystified. Becky did an amazing job of presenting things clearly and in a way that finally makes sense to me. The Read Your Body settings template is amazing! I am not a particularly tech-savvy person and the template makes such a difference in feeling like I can apply what I learned in class appropriately and accurately. After two years of trying to chart and really struggling with CF (even with other instruction), I finally feel like I have a handle on things in a new way." - Leela

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January: Chart Your Cycle with the Symptothermal Method

January 21st 2-4pm EST
Learn how to Chart Your Cycle effectively with a double-check Symptothermal Method

Open Office Hours

Here you will find the links and replays to the Open Office Hours each month.

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